Who Filed for 2024 Primary Election 
Only candidates who file with the Suffolk County Board of Elections are included on ths page. For all other candidates, please visit the website of the County Board of Elections where the elected office files or New York State Board of Elections.
This listing is unofficial and for Informational purposes only and is based upon filings as of 05:18 pm on April 04, 2024. This list should not be relied upon in terms of ballot access requirements or deadlines. Anyone interested in inspecting or obtaining copies of ballot access documents filed with the Suffolk County Board of Elections should submit a Freedom of Information Request to the Suffolk County Board of Elections in person at 700 Yaphank Avenue, Yaphank, NY 11980 or by email to BOEInfo@suffolkcountyny.gov.
Representative in Congress, 1st Congressional District (1)
 PartyCandidate NameDate FiledPostmark Date 
DemocraticJohn P Avlon04/01/2024 
DemocraticNancy S Goroff04/03/2024 
RepublicanNicholas J Lalota04/02/2024 
ConservativeNicholas J Lalota04/02/2024 
State Senator, 1st Senatorial District (1)
 PartyCandidate NameDate FiledPostmark Date 
DemocraticSarah S Anker04/02/2024 
RepublicanAnthony H Palumbo04/02/2024 
ConservativeAnthony H Palumbo04/02/2024 
State Senator, 2nd Senatorial District (1)
 PartyCandidate NameDate FiledPostmark Date 
DemocraticCraig G Herskowitz04/02/2024 
RepublicanMario R Mattera04/02/2024 
ConservativeMario R Mattera04/02/2024 
Working FamiliesCraig G Herskowitz04/03/2024 
State Senator, 3rd Senatorial District (1)
 PartyCandidate NameDate FiledPostmark Date 
DemocraticMichael L Conroy04/02/2024 
RepublicanDean Murray04/02/2024 
ConservativeDean Murray04/02/2024 
State Senator, 4th Senatorial District (1)
 PartyCandidate NameDate FiledPostmark Date 
DemocraticMonica R Martinez04/02/2024 
RepublicanTeresa J Bryant04/02/2024 
ConservativeTeresa J Bryant04/02/2024 
Working FamiliesMonica R Martinez04/04/2024 
Member of Assembly, 1st Assembly District (1)
 PartyCandidate NameDate FiledPostmark Date 
DemocraticThomas J Schiavoni04/02/2024 
RepublicanStephen F Kiely04/02/2024 
ConservativeStephen F Kiely04/02/2024 
Working FamiliesThomas J Schiavoni04/02/2024 
Member of Assembly, 2nd Assembly District (1)
 PartyCandidate NameDate FiledPostmark Date 
DemocraticTricia L Chiaramonte04/02/2024 
RepublicanJodi A Giglio04/02/2024 
ConservativeJodi A Giglio04/02/2024 
Member of Assembly, 3rd Assembly District (1)
 PartyCandidate NameDate FiledPostmark Date 
DemocraticMatthew C Jennings04/02/2024 
RepublicanJoseph P De Stefano04/02/2024 
ConservativeJoseph P De Stefano04/02/2024 
Member of Assembly, 4th Assembly District (1)
 PartyCandidate NameDate FiledPostmark Date 
DemocraticSkyler Q Johnson04/02/2024 
DemocraticRebecca A Kassay04/02/2024 
RepublicanEdward A Flood04/02/2024 
ConservativeEdward A Flood04/02/2024 
Working FamiliesSkyler Q Johnson04/02/2024 
Member of Assembly, 5th Assembly District (1)
 PartyCandidate NameDate FiledPostmark Date 
DemocraticJoseph G Hagelmann04/02/2024 
RepublicanDouglas M Smith04/02/2024 
ConservativeDouglas M Smith04/02/2024 
Member of Assembly, 6th Assembly District (1)
 PartyCandidate NameDate FiledPostmark Date 
DemocraticPhilip R Ramos04/01/2024 
DemocraticPhilip R Ramos04/02/2024 
RepublicanRyan S Skelly04/02/2024 
ConservativeRyan S Skelly04/02/2024 
Working FamiliesPhilip R Ramos04/04/2024 
Member of Assembly, 7th Assembly District (1)
 PartyCandidate NameDate FiledPostmark Date 
DemocraticGarrett J Petersen04/02/2024 
RepublicanJarett C Gandolfo04/02/2024 
ConservativeJarett C Gandolfo04/02/2024 
Member of Assembly, 8th Assembly District (1)
 PartyCandidate NameDate FiledPostmark Date 
DemocraticSteven P Basileo04/02/2024 
RepublicanMichael J Fitzpatrick04/02/2024 
ConservativeMichael J Fitzpatrick04/02/2024 
Working FamiliesSteven P Basileo04/03/2024 
Member of Assembly, 12th Assembly District (1)
 PartyCandidate NameDate FiledPostmark Date 
DemocraticRobert Lopez04/02/2024 
RepublicanKeith Brown04/02/2024 
ConservativeKeith Brown04/02/2024 
County Court Judge (2)
 PartyCandidate NameDate FiledPostmark Date 
DemocraticAnthony M Lapinta04/02/2024 
DemocraticGail M Lolis04/02/2024 
RepublicanPhilip Goglas04/02/2024 
RepublicanPeter R Mc Greevy04/02/2024 
ConservativePhilip Goglas04/02/2024 
ConservativePeter R Mc Greevy04/02/2024 
Family Court Judge (1)
 PartyCandidate NameDate FiledPostmark Date 
DemocraticStuart P Besen04/02/2024 
RepublicanJoseph H Johnson04/02/2024 
ConservativeStuart P Besen04/02/2024 
District Court Judge, 2nd District, Town of Babylon (1)
 PartyCandidate NameDate FiledPostmark Date 
DemocraticJames A Mc Donaugh04/02/2024 
RepublicanJames A Mc Donaugh04/02/2024 
ConservativeJames C Mc Donough04/03/2024 
District Court Judge, 6th District, Town of Brookhaven (3)
 PartyCandidate NameDate FiledPostmark Date 
DemocraticMargot J Garant04/02/2024 
DemocraticDorothy Cavalier04/02/2024 
RepublicanPatricia M Blake04/02/2024 
RepublicanKenneth J Lauri04/02/2024 
RepublicanEvan Tanenbaum04/02/2024 
ConservativePatricia M Blake04/02/2024 
ConservativeKenneth J Lauri04/02/2024 
ConservativeEvan Tanenbaum04/02/2024 
Council member, Town of East Hampton (1)
 PartyCandidate NameDate FiledPostmark Date 
DemocraticIan A Calder-Piedmonte04/02/2024 
RepublicanHyman Mariampolski04/02/2024 
District Court Judge, 3rd District, Town of Huntington (1)
 PartyCandidate NameDate FiledPostmark Date 
DemocraticEric Sachs04/02/2024 
RepublicanChristine A Di Raimo04/02/2024 
ConservativeEric Sachs04/02/2024 
Town Justice, Town of Riverhead (1)
 PartyCandidate NameDate FiledPostmark Date 
DemocraticSean M Walter04/01/2024 
DemocraticWilliam J Condon04/02/2024 
RepublicanSean M Walter04/02/2024 
ConservativeSean M Walter04/02/2024 
Town Justice, Town of Shelter Island (1)
 PartyCandidate NameDate FiledPostmark Date 
DemocraticStanley I Birnbaum04/02/2024 
RepublicanMichael G Carey04/02/2024 
ConservativeMichael G Carey04/02/2024 
Council member, Town of Shelter Island (1)
 PartyCandidate NameDate FiledPostmark Date 
DemocraticRobert V Waife04/02/2024 
DemocraticArnott G Gooding04/03/2024 
RepublicanThomas M Cronin04/02/2024 
ConservativeThomas M Cronin04/02/2024 
District Court Judge, 4th District, Town of Smithtown (2)
 PartyCandidate NameDate FiledPostmark Date 
DemocraticMaria C Scheuring04/02/2024 
RepublicanPaul E Hennings04/02/2024 
RepublicanJohn B Zollo04/02/2024 
ConservativePaul E Hennings04/01/2024 
ConservativeJohn B Zollo04/01/2024 
Town Justice, Town of Southampton (2)
 PartyCandidate NameDate FiledPostmark Date 
DemocraticAdam B Grossman04/02/2024 
DemocraticKaren M Sartain04/02/2024 
RepublicanHeather C Collins04/02/2024 
RepublicanPatrick M O'Connor04/02/2024 
ConservativeAdam B Grossman04/02/2024 
ConservativeKaren M Sartain04/02/2024 
Working FamiliesAdam B Grossman04/02/2024 
Working FamiliesKaren M Sartain04/02/2024 
4/4/2024 5:18:59 PM 
 Suffolk County Board of Elections