Thank you for your interest in the Small Business Assistance Grant Program. The pre-application period has now closed. Those eligible will receive an email with a link to the Application portal. It is anticipated that the Application portal will open on or about January 21st . Applications will be reviewed on a first-complete, first-served basis. Please ensure your application is complete upon submission – incomplete applications will not be reviewed, and will be moved to the end of the line of submissions.

The following documents will be required to submit a complete application. We recommend you start preparing these now to ensure your complete Application can be submitted as quickly as possible once the portal opens:

  • COVID Impact Statement (How COVID has affected the applicant business)

  • 2019 Federal Tax Return for the Applicant Business (may be personal return if Sole Prop or Sch. C filer)

  • Most recently filed Federal Tax Return for every owner of 20% or more

  • Government issued photo ID for every owner of 20% or more

  • NYS-45 (Quarter Combined Withholding, Wage Reporting, and Unemployment Insurance Return) OR Federal Payroll Form 941 for Quarter Ended 9/30/2020

  • Organizational Documents for applicant business (bylaws, operating agreement, articles of incorporation, if applicable)