·         LAST FILING DATE:        MARCH 7, 2018      

·         WRITTEN TEST DATE:   APRIL 14, 2018                          

·         COUNTY ANNUAL SALARY $32,018

·         GRADE 12

·         USUAL ANNUAL SALARY $49,088







The application processing fee is $40. Application may be made via the internet at www.suffolkcountyny.gov/civilservice.  Payment must be made by VISA or MasterCard credit card and there will be an additional convenience fee of $1.95.  An acknowledgement of receipt of application will be sent to all internet applicants via e-mail.  Application may also be made using the Suffolk County application for promotional examination (Form CS-203). Make your check or money order payable to the Suffolk County Department of Civil Service.  Do not send cash.  Please indicate the examination title and the last four digits of your social security number on the face of your check or money order.  A separate application and processing fee are required for each examination (identified by examination number) for which you are applying.  The application processing fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. 


The application processing fee may be waived for Suffolk County residents who are veterans, auxiliary police, volunteer firefighters, volunteer EMTs and volunteer CERT members.  Internet applicants should complete the “Request for Application Fee Waiver and Certification” form on-line.  All other applicants should complete a “Request for Application Fee Waiver and Certification” form and submit it with your application (Form CS-203).  All claims for application fee waiver are subject to verification. 




An employee in this class performs a variety of difficult and responsible clerical and typing functions. The principal emphasis of this position is upon the wide variety of clerical tasks performed, which require the application of independent judgment and clerical knowledge. The work of these positions, apart from typewriting, is similar in nature and level to that found in the Senior Clerk class. The work differs from that of a Senior Clerk Typist or Senior Clerk in that the incumbent must also communicate with Spanish-speaking persons and assist them in their contacts with the agency.  The nature of the work is such that the incumbent may be required to operate a variety of office equipment including a word processor.  Supervision may be exercised over a small number of employees assisting in routine details. Work is performed under general supervision and is reviewed by a supervisor through observation of results, periodic audits of work performed and by advice and assistance on unusual problems. Does related work as required.




To be eligible, a candidate must now be serving and have served on a continuous basis with permanent or contingent permanent competitive status as a Clerk, Clerk (Spanish Speaking), Clerk Typist, Clerk Typist (Spanish Speaking), Data Entry Operator, Library Clerk, Library Clerk (Spanish Speaking), Law Library Clerk, Legal Secretary, Medical Transcriptionist, Morgue Clerk, Personnel Transactions Clerk, Police Operations Aide, Real Property Recorder I, School Attendance Aide, Stenographer, Stenographer (Spanish Speaking) or Switchboard Operator for at least two (2) years in the jurisdiction in which the candidate seeks promotion immediately preceding the written examination date.


Necessary Special Requirement

To be employed by the Suffolk County Police Department candidates may be required to attain New York State Police Information Network (NYSPIN) certification within (1) month of appointment; employees must maintain this certification while employed in this title.




The examination for this title will consist of three parts: 

I.          The written test will cover knowledge, skills, and/or abilities in such areas as:


            1.         English usage;

            2.         Proofreading;

            3.         Clerical operations;

            4.         Understanding and interpreting written material;

            5.         Office record keeping, including charts and numbers.


II.        Typing test:  Straight copy typing test rated at 30 words per minute with 96% accuracy.  Candidates who pass the written test and who do not qualify for a waiver** of the typing performance test will be scheduled for the qualifying typing performance test, to be administered during the work week (Monday – Friday), during the months of May/June 2018.  Please contact the Suffolk County Department of Civil Service by July 2, 2018 if you have not been scheduled for your typing performance test.

III.       Spanish language proficiency test (speaking):  Candidates who pass the written examination and do not qualify for a waiver** of the Spanish language proficiency test will be scheduled for the language test as the needs of the service require. This part of the examination will be administered during the work week (Monday – Friday), during the months of May/June 2018 and is designed to evaluate speaking proficiency in the Spanish language at a level appropriate for the position(s) being filled.  Please contact the Suffolk County Department of Civil Service by July 2, 2018 if you have not been scheduled for your Spanish language proficiency test. 


**A candidate may be eligible for waiver of the typing performance test and/or the Spanish language proficiency test on the basis of a previous typing performance test or Spanish language proficiency test administered within the last four years by the Suffolk County Department of Civil Service or, present employment in a jurisdiction served by the Suffolk County Department of Civil Service.  Details explaining the waiver policy are available upon request from the Civil Service Department. 


Candidates must pass all applicable portions of the examination.  The final rank order of the eligible list will be determined solely on the basis of the scores received on the written test plus veterans’ credits where applicable.




1.                  Should it become necessary to amend any part of this announcement, the Civil Service Department reserves the right to make such amendment on the Department’s web page without notification to applicants.  The most current copy of this announcement is available during the filing period at www.suffolkcountyny.gov/civilservice.

2.                  Candidates who apply for this examination and who have not heard from the Suffolk County Department of Civil Service by April 11, 2018 are advised to contact the Civil Service Department before the written test date at (631) 853-5500.

3.                  You can view your room assignment and exam site on our home page at www.suffolkcountyny.gov/civilservice under “Candidate Exam Room Assignment Search” seven days prior to the examination date.




DATE PREPARED:  January 18, 2018




1.                  Paper applications are available at the Suffolk County Department of Civil Service in Hauppauge and at the Riverhead County Center display, or by sending a stamped, self-addressed 9 ½” X 4” envelope for each title to:  Suffolk County Department of Civil Service, P.O. Box 6100, Hauppauge, New York  11788-0099.

2.                  Applications postmarked after midnight of the last filing date may not be considered eligible for this examination.

3.                  Unless otherwise stated, candidates must meet the minimum qualifications by the date of the written test, or last filing date in the case of training and experience evaluations.

4.                  Candidates found ineligible to compete in a written examination may appeal to the Department of Civil Service for reconsideration prior to the written test date appearing on this announcement.  Appeals received on or after the announced written test date will not be considered.

5.                  Candidates who fail the examination, or who fail to appear for the examination as scheduled, will be eliminated from further consideration for purposes of the competition.  Unless otherwise specified, the final rank order of the eligible list will be determined on the basis of the scores received on the written test, plus seniority and veterans’ credits where appropriate.

6.                  Eligible applicants will be notified when and where to appear for examination.  If an application is rejected, due notice will be sent.

7.                  Unless specifically prohibited by the examination instructions, candidates are permitted to use quiet, hand-held, solar or battery powered calculators.  Devices with typewriter keyboards, spell-checkers, personal digital assistant, address books, language translators, dictionaries and any similar devices are prohibited.

8.                  In accordance with Section 52 of the Civil Service Law, for county service, first consideration in appointment will be given to employees in the department where a vacancy occurs, after which appointments will be made from the general eligible list.

9.                  Eligible lists resulting from promotional examinations are only certified to the jurisdiction in which a candidate is employed.

10.              When the examination is prepared and rated by the Suffolk County Department of Civil Service, the provisions of the Suffolk County Civil Service Rules dealing with the rating of examination will apply.

11.              When the written examination is prepared and rated by the New York State Department of Civil Service in accordance with Section 23-2 of the Civil Service Law, the provisions of the New York State Civil Service Rules and Regulations which deal with the rating of examination will apply.

12.              The eligible list established as a result of this examination will remain in force for at least one year and may be extended by the Civil Service Department for a maximum of four years.  Changing conditions may make it necessary to certify to future vacancies at higher or lower salaries than those announced.

13.              Information regarding eligibility for veterans’ credits appears on the promotional application form.

14.              For each six months of continuous permanent competitive service within the jurisdiction, to a maximum of 20 years, .10 credits for seniority will be added to the scores of passing candidates only.

15.              Candidates must be medically, physically and psychologically capable of performing the duties of the job.  Candidates who are appointed to positions in the Suffolk County service may be required to pass qualifying medical and/or physical and/or psychological evaluations.

16.              Saturday Sabbath Observers and handicapped persons:  If special arrangements for testing are required, indicate this on your application.

17.              No smoking is permitted in the building or on the grounds of the examination site.

18.              If you will be on active military duty with the armed forces of the United States on the date of this test, please contact the Suffolk County Department of Civil Service before the last filing date appearing on this announcement for alternate test date information.

19.              Multiple Examinations Scheduled for the Same Day:  If you have applied to take a written test announced by either one or several local jurisdictions (county, town, city) scheduled to be held on the same test date as this written test, you must notify each of the local jurisdictions no later than two weeks before the test date, so they can make arrangements for taking all tests at one test site.  All examinations for positions in State government will be held at a State examination center.  If you have any questions please call the Suffolk County Department of Civil Service at (631) 853-5500.

20.              For information regarding a weather related cancellation of this examination, please refer to our website at www.suffolkcountyny.gov/civilservice click on the “Weather Related Exam Cancellations” link.  Civil Service Announcements are shown at the bottom of that page.  The following stations will broadcast notice of cancellation:


                                                            WALK            PATCHOGUE                                     97.5 FM

                                                            WBAB            BABYLON                                        102.3 FM

                                                            WBLI              BABYLON                                        106.1 FM

                                                            WLNG            SAG HARBOR                                    92.1 FM

                                                            WBZO            FARMINGDALE                              103.1 FM

                                                            WRCN            MEDFORD                                        103.9 FM

                                                            NEWS 12 LONG ISLAND   TV CHANNEL 12     website:  www.news12.com





Announcements and Applications Also Available At




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