According to Civil Service Law, additional credits in examinations are granted to successful candidates who have claimed and established status as disabled or non-disabled veterans. These credits are granted on the following basis:

Open-Competitive Exams Promotional Exams







These additional credits, which are combined with the final score obtained in the examination, may be granted only to PASSING CANDIDATES at the time of establishment of the eligible list. Candidates are permitted a minimum period of sixty (60) days from the last filing date to submit veterans’ credits forms for a particular examination. These forms will be accepted until such time as the eligible list is established. The Civil Service Department will not notify candidates if their forms are deficient or delinquent. It is the responsibility of the candidate to ensure that all required forms are filed timely. Upon request, the Civil Service Department will issue receipts for all forms received.

To be eligible for additional credits as a veteran you must have been honorably discharged or released under honorable conditions and have served on ACTIVE duty, other than active duty for training purposes, with the armed forces of the United States during any of the following periods:


- December 7, 1941 through and including December 31, 1946


- June 27, 1950 through and including January 31, 1955


- January 1, 1963 through and including May 7, 1975


- June 1, 1983 through and including December 1, 1987


- October 23, 1983 through and including November 21, 1983


- December 20, 1989 through and including January 31, 1990


- August 2, 1990 – to the end of hostilities as yet undefined

**To receive veterans’ status for service in these campaigns, an applicant must also have been the recipient of one of the following:

Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal
Navy Expeditionary Medal
Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal

Non-disabled Veterans

In order to be considered for additional credits as a non-disabled veteran you must complete the reverse side of this application and submit it to the Suffolk County Department of Civil Service together with a photocopy of your separation papers (i.e. FORM DD-214, copy) from the Armed Forces of the United States before the eligible list is established.

Disabled Veterans

In order to be considered for additional credits as a disabled veteran, you must meet the same requirements as outlined above under non-disabled veterans, and in addition, for each examination title you must also complete FORM VC-3 (Authorization for Disability Record) in duplicate and forward BOTH copies immediately to the Regional Office of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, where your application for disability pension is on file. The Department of Veterans Affairs will retain a copy for its files, and will return a copy to the Civil Service Department for processing. Disabled veterans must have a war-incurred disability of at least ten percent (10%) certified by the Department of Veterans Affairs at the time of application for additional credits.

Veterans who used non-disabled veterans’ credits to obtain a civil service appointment or promotion with New York State or a local government and, subsequent to such appointment, are determined by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs to be a qualified disabled veteran, as defined in the New York State Civil Service Law, are entitled to an additional 10 credits on civil service examinations, minus the number of credits already used for the prior appointment. To claim such credits a candidate must also submit Form VC-1, Application for Veterans’ Credits.

If you do not forward the proper documentation as outlined above, you will not be granted veterans’ credits. Once the eligible list is established, veterans’ credits cannot be granted.