Open-competitive (OC) examinations can be taken by any individual who meets the minimum education and experience qualifications cited on the job announcement. Promotional (PR) examinations are restricted to current employees who have had the required length of service in a specified position.

Applications for examinations may be made on-line or obtained from either the Hauppauge or Riverhead Office of the Department of Civil Service. Applications must be completed for each examination for which you are applying, and must be submitted to the Department of Civil Service, delivered or postmarked before the Last Filing Date indicated on the examination announcement. An application processing fee is required for each examination. See the examination announcement for more information regarding this fee. Applications will be evaluated based upon minimum qualifications specified in our job specifications and on the examination announcements. You will be notified by mail approximately ten days before the examination regarding your eligibility and the exact time and location of the examination.

Residency is not required for taking any examinations. However, some non-county jurisdictions, such as schools, libraries, etc., give hiring preference to residents. Some Towns also require employees to establish residency within the Township. For employment in a Suffolk County Department, with only limited exceptions set forth in Suffolk County Law, residency within Suffolk County is required throughout employment with the County. In any case in which residency preference is given, the appointee(s) must meet a specific residency standard as defined in the Civil Service Rules.

The passing score for each examination is 70 and eligible lists of passing candidates are established for a minimum period of one year, up to a maximum of four years, pursuant to New York State Civil Service Law.

The New York State Department of Civil Service web site includes a manual of Civil Service Examinations - How to Take a Written Test

In addition to titles listed below for scheduled examinations, the Civil Service Department has an "open filing" policy. Applications for other than law enforcement titles may be filed at any time; candidates need not wait until an examination is announced. Applications are kept on file until the examination announcement is issued for that title. Candidates will be notified of the place and time of the examination shortly before the test date. Candidates should notify the Department of Civil Service of any address changes to assure notification of the examination.

On the List of Available Exams, click on the specification number to view the job specification. Click on the title to view the examination announcement.

You may now apply for all examinations on-line. This service offers an alternative to obtaining, filling out and mailing in the traditional application forms. You must have a credit card (VISA or MasterCard) to apply using the Internet application. Your credit card account will be charged the total of all application fees, as well as an added convenience fee of $1.95, which are both non-refundable.

When applying on-line for an examination, you must:

  1. Read the examination announcement carefully, and be certain you will qualify for the examination. The examination fee and internet convenience fee are both non-refundable.
  2. Create a Civil Service User ID and password if this is your first time, OR Use the Civil Service User ID and password you used when you applied for a previous examination.
  3. Complete the process by reading each page carefully, following the instructions and submitting your application before the last filing date.