OFFICE APPLICATIONS SPECIALIST                                                          0037




An employee in this class works in a non-County agency and functions as a specialist in the utilization of a variety of office application software including word processing, statistical applications, database programs, spreadsheets for data maintenance and presentation, report generation software, presentation applications including software for graphics and desk-top publishing. The employee may provide training in the use of the software and systems. A position in the class will require the employee to work with administrators throughout the jurisdiction on specific projects, and the employee will be expected to develop required knowledges specific to the functions of the department or jurisdiction. Work is reviewed based upon output and effectiveness of applications developed. Does related work as required.



            Serves as a resource person for the use of office application software and for solving user software problems;

            Plans the format for, designs, and produces and revises complicated materials and documents including forms, schedules, catalogs, manuals and reports using any of a variety of application software;

            Develops and/or manipulates databases for the conversion of information from other sources;

            Designs reports including entering/writing instructions and formulas to extract data from various sources and present the information in desirable formats;

            Works with administrative personnel to plan, develop and implement new software applications to improve departmental operations;

            Trains and assists personnel in the use of software applications;

            Writes and maintains procedural manuals for the equipment in use;

            Prepares reports on the operation and effectiveness of applications.



Thorough knowledge of the office information systems and software in use including word processing, desk top publishing, statistical and accounting applications, graphics software, etc; ability to develop data bases and convert information from various sources; ability to think in a logical manner, including the use of deductive reasoning; ability to train personnel in a manner conducive to full performance and high morale; ability to learn departmental operations; ability to learn new applications and enhance skills in the use of these applications; ability to develop good working relationships with administrators and other departmental personnel; ability to follow oral and written instructions; ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing; physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.




            (a) Graduation from a college with federally-authorized accreditation or registration by NY State with an Associate's Degree in a field related to office information systems and technologies, and two (2) years of experience in the utilization of software to create or design specialized forms, reports or models; or,

            (b) Graduation from a standard senior high school or possession of a high school equivalency diploma, and four (4) years of experience in the utilization of software to create or design specialized forms, reports or models; or,

            (c) An equivalent combination of education and experience as defined by the limits of (a) and (b).




            Two (2) years of permanent competitive status as a Word Processing Technician.


R 9/27/16