SENIOR ACCOUNT CLERK TYPIST                                                       0213




Under general supervision, an employee in this class maintains a complex set of financial records, and compiles and prepares or assists a superior in preparing difficult and complex financial or statistical reports.  This position differs from that of a Senior Account Clerk in that the incumbent in this posi­tion is required to perform difficult and responsible typing duties in addition to clerical and accounts work.  Work may include utilization of computers or word processors with financial capabilities.  In the absence of supervisory responsibilities, the assignment of positions to this class is based on the complexity of accounting records kept, and the amount of independent judgment exercised in the application of methods to particular problems.  Supervision may be exercised over a number of clerical employees.  Work is performed with relative technical independence and is reviewed by an administrative supervisor or professional accountant through verification of financial records and statements.  Accounting records are also subject to audit by County and State audi­tors.  Does related work as required.



            Supervises a number of Account Clerks, Clerk Typists and related clerical personnel engaged in maintaining departmental accounts and general books including cashbooks, voucher registers, general ledgers, appropriation ledgers, salesbooks and general journal; posts entries to these books from supporting records and prepared routine statements;

            Receives remittances by mail, in person or from cashiers; verifies amounts; posts payments to cashbook, prepares recapitulation of evaluations and tax extensions;

            Audits tax control ledger cards and makes reconciliations with general ledger; posts cash disbursements and reviews transactions for accuracy; sets up ledger cards and prepares adjusting journal entries for machine posting and checks accuracy of postings;

            Maintains & processes automated financial records;

            Audits purchase orders and payment vouchers for accuracy and posts an appropriation ledger;

            Periodically reconciles books with Comptroller's report;

            Assists in compiling figures for budget purposes; prepares and processes automated payrolls;

            May assist in purchasing supplies, equipment or services from vendors;

            Types from copy, rough draft or general instructions, forms, accounting and financial statements, letters, payrolls, receipts, vouchers, departmental reports, permits or other material frequently requiring independent action and discretion on problems encountered.



Thorough knowledge of bookkeeping principles and practices including the setting up and balancing of subsidiary and general ledger accounts; good knowledge of the methods used in preparing financial and statistical reports; good knowledge of standard office methods and practices; skill in the operation of adding machines, calculating machines, typewriters and other office machines; ability to make arithmetic computations rapidly and accurately; ability to apply bookkeeping principles to the setting up and maintenance of fiscal and account­ing records; ability to follow oral and written instructions; ability to super­vise the work of others in a manner conducive to full performance and high morale; ability to compile and type financial and statistical reports; physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.




            Graduation from a standard senior high school or possession of a high school equivalency diploma and four (4) years of experience in computing and registering data in financial records, accounts or journals.

NOTE:  College education in any area may be substituted for experience at the rate, thirty (30) credits = one (1) year, provided that for each thirty (30) credits earned, at least three (3) credits were in Accounting.



            Two (2) years of permanent competitive status as an Account Clerk, Account Clerk (Spanish Speaking), Account Clerk Typist, Account Clerk Typist (Spanish Speaking) or Account Clerk Stenographer.


There will be a qualifying keyboard performance examination.