JUNIOR CIVIL ENGINEER                                                                                                     1011



Under general supervision, an employee in this class receives assignments that require the application of engineering skills and knowledge to civil engineering projects, including the design, construction, inspection and maintenance of public works projects and regulatory programs.  Assignments are received with general instructions but incumbents are expected to use initiative and judgment in completing them.  Supervision may be exercised over technical assistants in any phase of their assigned duties.  Work is checked and reviewed throughout its progress and at its conclusion by a technical supervisor.  Does related work as required.            



                Supervises two (2) or more field parties in topographical, land survey or hydrographical surveys; supervises work, takes notes and makes sketches; assumes responsibility for work results and progress of parties; supervises the operation of a survey party requiring complex and difficult survey techniques;

                Makes preliminary estimates of quantities and cost for engineering projects; prepares detailed and specific recommendations for professional engineering supervisors;

                Within County owned right of way, inspects work to determine compliance with regulations under which a permit was issued for pavement of sidewalks and driveways, and the installation or repair of water mains, sewers, gas mains, manholes or other work;

                Performs sub-professional engineering work in the preparation of plans and design of highways; makes preliminary layouts of proposed highway improvements; establishes grade lines to meet the requirements of drainage, topography and earth-work economy; prepares engineering estimates of quantities of materials required for proposed road improvements; uses personal or mainframe computer as a design tool; prepares cost estimates;

                Acts as resident engineer on construction projects; supervises the inspection of all phases of work for compliance with County specifications; prepares estimates and submits recommendations on amount of money due contractor each month;

                Directs the sampling of and performs tests on various construction materials using a variety of laboratory equipment; makes tests of various construction materials used in highway construction work; makes soils and related laboratory tests such as liquid and plastic limits, shrinkage, field and centrifugal moisture tests, density and volume determinations; prepares recommendations concerning the establishment of County standards for various materials and soils involved in construction work;

                Performs sub-professional engineering work in the preliminary design of bridges and other public works structures to meet specified design requirements;

                Supervises non-professional personnel in performing electrical potential surveys of concrete bridge decks;

                Performs and/or supervises aspects of monitoring and surveillance activities for Industrial Pretreatment, Wastewater Management and Scavenger Waste Regulatory programs;

                Performs sub-professional engineering work in the preparation of plans for sanitary sewer systems and other sanitary or municipal building construction projects;

                Reviews design drawings and specifications prepared by consultants;

                Reviews shop drawings for construction projects as submitted by contractors;

                Directs the sampling of construction materials, sanitary waste and effluent discharges;

                Reviews and analyzes sanitary treatment process systems.  



Thorough knowledge of construction specifications and of their application to public works projects; thorough knowledge of the principles, practices and instruments used in engineering drafting; thorough knowledge of mathematics, including trigonometry, and its application to field surveying and engineering computation; knowledge of scientific computing languages, such as FORTRAN and BASIC; good knowledge of the principles and practices of civil engineering as well as federal, state and local pollution control laws; skill in the use of engineering instruments and equipment; ability to perform difficult technical computations, to make estimates and tests, and to compile engineering data and statistics; ability to make difficult and technical engineering drawings; ability to read and interpret construction plans and to gain compliance with specifications in a tactful and impartial manner; ability to supervise personnel in a manner conducive to full performance and high morale; ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with contractors and the general public; physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.



                OPEN COMPETITIVE

                Graduation from a college with federally-authorized accreditation or registration by NY State with a Bachelor's Degree in Civil or Sanitary Engineering, or Construction Management Engineering Technology; and,


(a)                 A Master's Degree in Engineering Technology or Civil or Sanitary Engineering; or,

(b)                 One (1) year of experience as a civil or sanitary engineer or civil or sanitary engineer trainee in a state or municipal department; or,

(c)                  Two (2) years of experience as a civil engineer, sanitary engineer or civil or sanitary engineer trainee in a private organization.



At the time of appointment, and during employment in this title, employees will be required to possess a valid license to operate a motor vehicle in New York State.