ASSOCIATE CIVIL ENGINEER                                                                                       1016



An employee in this class is responsible for the performance of administrative and professional engineering work in the direction of an engineering section of a County department.  Work involves the preparation and direction of specified projects of a technical nature for the study of engineering problems.  Assignments are usually broad in scope with considerable opportunity for the use of independent professional judgment and for the making of difficult technical decisions.  Supervision is exercised over professional engineering, technical and clerical personnel.  Work is reviewed by a professional supervisor by means of conferences and reports and upon completion of work for conformance with departmental policies and regulations.  Does related work as required.



                Plans, supervises and reviews all procedures and activities involved in the design and construction of highways, bridges, sewerage facilities and other public works structures;

                Directs and supervises professional and technical personnel in the design of capital improvements to the highway infrastructure;

                Supervises, reviews and directs field surveys and survey procedures pertaining to design and construction activities;

                Develops, plans and schedules materials sampling and a testing program within an assigned area;

                Plans and directs the enforcement of federal, state and local laws regulating procedures, health and safety practices and working conditions;

                Develops systems to obtain and provide complete records of work performed for final cost determination;

                Develops an instruction program for the purpose of training engineering and operational personnel in the techniques of construction and inspection, material sampling and testing, and the efficient and safe operation of buildings and facilitates;

                Coordinates construction work with public utilities and provides assistance to all public and municipal agencies affected by construction;

                Prepares necessary data and presentations in connection with litigation action and provides professional engineering testimony;

                Directs the preparation of all operating reports required by federal, state, and local health and other regulatory authorities;

                Directs the preparation and submittal of requests for state and federal grants or aid for the operation and maintenance of public facilitates;

                Supervises all chemical and bacteriological quality control procedures performed for County sewage treatment facilities; evaluates and controls unit process operations in all facilities;

                Prepares research reports and studies to effect improvements in process efficiencies and design;

                Assists in the preparation of annual operating budgets for all County facilities.



Comprehensive knowledge of the principles, practices and techniques of civil and sanitary engineering; thorough knowledge of the design, construction and operation of civil engineering projects, including sewerage and air pollution control facilitates; thorough knowledge of the principles and procedures of construction, supervision and materials sampling and testing; thorough knowledge of the applicable laws and regulatory codes relative to construction, design, and operation of engineering projects and facilities; good knowledge of modern developments, current literature and sources of information regarding engineering practices; ability to perform difficult engineering computation and to make comprehensive recommendations on engineering programs; ability to prepare and design complete engineering plans and specifications; ability to train, plan and direct the work of engineering, technical and clerical personnel in a manner conducive to full performance and high morale; ability to prepare complex engineering reports; ability to express oneself clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing; physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.



                OPEN COMPETITIVE

                Possession of a Professional Engineer’s License issued by the State of New York, and four (4) years of sanitary and/or civil engineering experience following acquisition of the license.



                Two (2) years of permanent competitive status as a Senior Civil Engineer.



Candidates must maintain a Professional Engineer’s License issued by the State of New York while employed in this title.