CLINICAL NURSE PRACTITIONER†††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 2041


An employee in this class functions as a clinical nurse practitioner in a New York State Education Department approved clinical specialty. The incumbent provides direct patient care, which includes diagnosing, treating, and prescribing for a patientís condition that falls within his or her specialty area of practice.The incumbent takes, analyzes and interprets patient health histories; performs physical examinations; establishes diagnoses; creates individualized treatment plans; provides care for acute and chronic illnesses; provides preventive care; prescribes medications; provides patient care within the accepted standards of practice.Work requires considerable independent judgement and initiative, and is reviewed by a Division Manager, Medical Director or a designee of the Department of Health Services through conferences, review of reports and observation. Does related work as required.



††††††††† Conducts physical and psychosocial assessments to determine health/illness status of individuals. From this assessment, provides education, such as healthy lifestyle teachings, counseling and guidance;

†††††††††††† Assesses patients, establishes diagnoses, develops treatment plans and provides direct care within accepted standards of practice;

†††††††††††† Interprets and facilitates the application of standards of practice to the patient care process;

†††††††††††† Assumes responsibility for consulting and educational services to provider team;

†††††††††††† Makes referrals to other health care providers and/or consults a physician as needed;

†††††††††† Participates in the performance improvement program, including development of pertinent outcome criteria to measure the qualitative aspects of patient care†††

†††††††††††† Evaluates performance of nursing staff and makes recommendations to nursing supervisor or medical administrator;

†††††††††††† Develops and presents pertinent educational programs;

†††††††††††† May write prescriptions following established protocols;

†††††††††††† Serves as a consultant to other programs and serves on selected committees



Thorough knowledge of the principles, techniques and practices of the medical field to which the incumbent is assigned; thorough knowledge in assessment, making diagnoses and prescribing medicine and treatment within the clinical specialty; thorough knowledge of current literature and other sources of information and recent developments in the field of specialty; ability to tactfully obtain accurate information through interviews and observation, and to work with the general public and other governmental agencies; ability to understand and carry out complex oral and written instructions; ability to instruct patients and staff members; ability to perform physical examinations and evaluate findings accurately; ability to supervise staff skillfully to obtain necessary performance and cooperation; ability to establish and maintain effective work relationships with others, ability to maintain accurate records and charts; physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.




†††††††††††† Graduation from a college with a federally-authorized accreditation or registration by NY State with a Masterís Degree in Nursing with a specialization in a definite area of practice, and a minimum of either:


†††††††††††† One (1) year of clinical practice as a certified nurse practitioner in the area of specialization (not including training); or

†††††††††††† Two (2) years of experience in general clinical nursing (as a Registered Nurse); one (1) year of which must have been in the area of specialization.



††††††††† At the time of appointment and during employment in this title, candidates must possess a Certification as a Nurse Practitioner by the New York State Education Department.The clinical specialty relevant to the specific position will be determined by the department.

†††††††††††† At the time of appointment and during employment in this title, candidates must possess a Professional Registered Nurseís License issued by the New York State Education Department.

†††††††††††† Candidates must complete 15 hours of continuing education in public health and management related topics approved by the New York State Department of Health within the first year of employment.

†††††††††††† Depending upon assignment, candidates may be required to meet the New York State Education Departmentís pharmacotherapeutic requirements for writing prescriptions.

†††††††††††† Depending upon assignment, candidates may be required to be credentialed by the Suffolk County Department of Health Servicesí Compliance Bureau Credentialing Committee, and maintain this credential throughout employment in the assignment.

†††††††††††† At the time of appointment and during employment in this title, employees must possess a valid license to operate a motor vehicle in New York State.

†††††††††††† Candidates must meet Federal and New York State employee health requirements, including but not limited to immunizations, for the programs in which they are assigned.


R 11/28/16