AMBULANCE SERVICES CONSULTANT                                                                              2638




Under general supervision, an employee in this class develops and implements programs and methods, in areas other than training, to help volunteer ambulance organizations improve emergency medical care and maximize operational efficiencies.  The incumbent performs administrative and technical duties in areas such as communications systems; the purchase, assignment and control of equipment; evaluation of vendor performance; identification of operating problems and development of plans to alleviate them; budget review; data collection; emergency preparedness; disaster response; and public relations.  The employee serves on committees to coordinate EMS operations within fire, emergency medical service, and public health disciplines.  The work is reviewed by an administrative supervisor through reports, conferences and the attainment of objectives.  Does related work as required. 



                Keeps ambulance organizations informed of County goals and programs in the area of emergency medical care; 

                Conducts studies of problem areas in ambulance organizations (e.g. need for expanded service, high turnover rate of volunteers), develops plans for alleviating the problems and helps to implement the plans; 

                Analyzes communications and equipment needs of volunteer ambulance organizations and ensures equipment purchased is compatible with required communications systems; prepares specifications for large purchases; 

                Maintains inventory of equipment distributed to various ambulance services; 

                Monitors contract compliance of repair vendors; 

                Oversees ambulance services’ compliance with equipment maintenance procedures and the fulfillment of contractual obligations entered into in exchange for equipment; 

                Researches and assembles information for coordinating and overviewing ambulance associations; attends association meetings and makes recommendations; 

                Keeps abreast of ambulance services’ issues to understand them from the organizations' point of view, and work towards resolution;

                Designs forms used to gather data from ambulance organizations; keeps records of ambulance report forms and follows up with organizations not providing regular reports;

                Assists with the management of related federal and/or state grants;

                Assists with staffing requirements for the County’s emergency operations center;

            Coordinates the County’s Emergency Support Function (ESF) 8 Health & Medical Workgroup.          



Thorough knowledge of the operation and resources of Suffolk County ambulance organizations and ambulance services; thorough knowledge of medical emergency care and communications equipment; thorough knowledge of pre-hospital and emergency room medical care techniques; good knowledge of budget processes; good knowledge of current trends, developments and literature in emergency medical care; ability to analyze complex data, prepare comprehensive reports and make practical recommendations concerning emergency medical care problems; ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with the personnel of ambulance organizations and health care facilities; ability to express oneself clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing; good judgment; physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.



                OPEN COMPETITIVE

                Graduation from a standard senior high school or possession of a high school equivalency diploma, and six (6) years of active paid or volunteer experience with an ambulance organization, two (2) years of which must have included administrative or supervisory responsibilities.


NOTE: Relevant education from a college with federally-authorized accreditation or registration by New York State will be substituted for the non-administrative/non-supervisory experience on a year-for-year basis up to a maximum of two (2) years. 



                Possession of a valid New York State driver's license at the time of appointment; appointees must maintain a valid license throughout their employment in this title.  

                For County employment, candidates will be required to possess certification by New York State as an Emergency Medical Technician at the time of appointment, and maintain a valid certification throughout their employment in this title.

                At time of appointment, candidates for County employment will be required to possess certificates of completion of training for Incident Command System (ICS) / National Incident Management Systems (NIMS) at the ICS 100, 700 and 800 levels.