MAINTENANCE MECHANIC I                                                           7002



An employee in this class performs a variety of semi-skilled tasks in the maintenance and repair of public facilities and properties.  The incumbent assists higher-level maintenance mechanics, and performs a variety of tasks in craft areas such as plumbing, masonry, carpentry, electricity, welding, machine operations, bridge maintenance work and equipment maintenance.  Work of this nature may be found in operations relating to the maintenance of a variety of public buildings, facili­ties and equipment.  A given work assignment generally requires the use of hand tools and power tools commonly used in the particular craft.  Incumbents in this class require a higher level of technical skill and mechanical ability and a more frequent use of complex tools than do Laborers and Custodial Workers.  Incumbents are expected to exhibit some initiative and judgment in typical work situations.  Incumbents are frequently employed in those depart­ments or jurisdictions in which work is performed singly or in small groups and are expected to contribute some mechanical capability to the task at hand. Responsibilities include the reporting of unsafe or undesirable conditions to the supervisor.  Work is subject to inspection in progress or upon completion by higher-level maintenance mechanics, crew leaders or other supervisory personnel.  Does related work as required.



            Assists a maintenance mechanic of a higher classification in the servicing and repair of machinery and equipment, such as electric motors, pumps, meters, compressors and chain saws; cleans, oils and greases machinery;

            Performs unskilled and semi-skilled work in assisting higher level maintenance mechanics; performs rough work in the craft areas involved; cleans work area after completion of the job;

            Assists higher level maintenance mechanics in the installation of water and sewer service lines, meter pits, water meters, curb stops, water and sewer mains, water supply lines, valves, fittings and hydrants; may also read water meters;

            Performs a variety of minor maintenance work in public buildings; clears stopped drains, changes electrical switches, repairs door locks, replaces floor and wall tiles; assists in the repair and replacement of window panes, door frames, shelves and cabinets;

            Assists in the installation of catch basins, drainage pipes, sidewalks and curbs along public roads; mixes cement and performs rough cement work; lays pipe and joins sections of pipe with brackets; assists a skilled cement finisher in building forms for curbs and sections of sidewalk;

     Assists a higher level maintenance mechanic in the repair of heating and cooling equipment; cleans boilers;

            Performs rough painting;

            Performs semi-skilled bridge maintenance work;

            Sets up ladders, scaffolding, barricades, sheeting, shoring and bracing as directed;

            Operates a hand-pushed paint-striping machine to line parking lots and street crossings.



Working knowledge of tools and procedures used in building and mechanical trades; ability to use hand tools and common power tools used in maintenance and repair work; ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions; skill in the operation of hand tools; physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.




            (a) Completion of one (1) year of vocational education courses in a voca­tional school program, or in an apprentice or training program in one of the craft areas; or,

            (b) One (1) year of experience in minor maintenance or repair work; or,

            (c) A satisfactory equivalent combination of the above education or train­ing and experience as defined by the limits of (a) and (b).



Depending on the nature of the assignment, at the time of appointment and during employment in this title, candidates may be required to possess a valid New York State driver's license appropriate for the vehicle to be operated.