AUTOMOTIVE MECHANIC III                                                                                   7193



Under supervision, an Automotive Mechanic III is a journeyman mechanic engaged in diagnosing malfunctions of automotive vehicles and auxiliary equip­ment and repairing or replacing parts as necessary.  The employee uses independent judgment in carrying out assignments after receiving work orders and is responsible for testing results after completion.  The employee may supervise lower level Automotive Mechanics.  Performs related work as required.



          Determines parts requirements and obtains them from parts storage area or writes parts orders;

          Examines vehicles and diagnoses repair and maintenance requirements; 

          Attends in-service training sessions provided by manufacturers of equipment in use;

          Diagnoses mechanical and electrical problems, rebuilds engines and trans­missions, regrinds valves, rewires generators, adjusts engine timing, repairs hydraulic systems, repairs power brakes and power steering;

          Repairs auxiliary equipment used with automotive vehicles such as plows, mowers, sprayers, cement mixers, small generators, chain saws;

          Answers road calls and tows in vehicles which cannot be repaired on the road;

          Performs New York State vehicle inspections on County vehicles;

          Road tests vehicles to check work results after completion.


FULL PERFORMANCE KNOWLEDGES, SKILLS, ABILITIES AND PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS Thorough knowledge of the methods, materials, tools and standard practices of the automotive mechanic trade; good knowledge of the occupational hazards and safety precautions of the trade; good knowledge of the operating and repair characteristics of the wide variety of automotive equipment utilized by County departments; good knowledge of the mechanisms, systems and components of gas­oline and diesel-fueled vehicles and equipment; skill in the use and care of tools, machines and testing instruments of the trade; ability to adapt available tools and repair parts to specific repair problems; ability to diagnose mal­functioning of automotive and mechanical equipment; ability to execute written instructions and to follow diagrams and sketches; physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.




          (a) Completion of two (2) years of vocational education courses in either a vocational school program or in an apprentice or training program in automotive mechanics and two (2) years of work experience in the repair and rebuilding of mechanical systems and components of automotive equipment; or;

          (b) Four (4) years of experience in the repair and rebuilding of mechanical systems and components of automotive equipment; or

          (c) Satisfactory equivalent combination of the above education and experience; or,

          (d) Two (2) years of experience as an Automotive Mechanic II.



            Possession of the appropriate license issued by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles.  The type of license required will be determined by the appointing authority with respect to the type of vehicle to be operated; license must be maintained throughout employment in this title.

NOTE:  Employees of municipalities on Fishers Island may possess an appropriate license issued by the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles.

            Depending on nature of assignment, possession and maintenance of a New York State Motor Vehicle Inspection License may be required during employment in this title.